This page is going to be a little complicated as I try and explain my thoughts, so bear with me.

My favourite kinds of alcohol are generally dark liqueurs. Kinds of alcohol I don’t like are those with milk additives, or soft drink additives. For some reason milk + alcohol doesn’t sit very well in my stomach. Soft drink + alcohol, I drunk a ton in my youth as they are marketed more to young people, but it makes me need to use the bathroom an overly high amount so I prefer not to drink it. I am okay with Soda Water, Lemonade (some) or just Water added to drinks if I find the drink too strong, as they have no caffeine additive. Caffeine being what makes some people overly pee.

History with Alcohol

I started drinking alcohol at about 17, so I had a year or so drinking at house parties before I was allowed to go to pubs and clubs. As in Australia the legal drinking age is 18. So I was well versed in alcohol before I entered the ‘partying’ club scene. When I became 18, I didn’t enjoy the clubbing as much as I thought I might. I get car sick, and most of the ‘best clubs’ were about an hour away in the City district on public transport. Public transport in Australia being slow as fuck compared to somewhere like Germany or Japan. Australia’s fastest train is 84km, compared to Germany or Japan where it is about 300km. I get on a train in Germany for the same price as the Australian trains, and sigh at how old Australian infrastructure is when its such a ‘rich country’. Being wasted coming back on an hour long bus ride at 3am was not my idea of a good time. It was a $120 taxi ride, so kinda stuck with the bus. I only lived about a 30 minute drive from the center of the city, as a comparison. Australia being more focused on car travel infrastructure, than public transport infrastructure.

So instead, I frequented local pubs, which I really enjoyed. Got a few circles of friends, even at one point moved within walking distance of my favourite pub, lol. I used to frequent a few different pubs during my teens and early 20s though, predominantly in Epping, Castle Hill, Rouse Hill, etc. Places like The Bull & Bush, The Mean Fiddler, Tracks, Castle Hill RSL, etc. Most of these places have changed over time. Tracks being bought out by Epping Hotel, and Caso RSL changing itself to be more family friendly, etc. It has been more than a decade since I have been to these venues.

How much?

When I drink. I am usually happy with 1 drink an hour. Due to the fact that I talk quite a bit. Though I tend to have at least 1 shot an hour also. So I have a shot, then sit on a drink for an hour. Then when I finish the drink, I go order another and have a round of shots with friends. That was the general routine for about 5 hours. If i got somewhere early, or was staying till close (as was my norm, which is 3am for Aus), I might’ve ended up on water (or had water between drinks if too drunk), or started without shots in the rotation so I wouldn’t get too wasted too fast. Took me a while to learn this of course.

Though I also don’t mind being the designated driver. Due to my demenour, I can ‘feel drunk’ without drinking, so am quite fine to enjoy myself around drunk people and driving instead. As I got car sick, yes, I don’t get sick if I drive. Though I preferred to get drunk at a house, or at a venue closer to my house so getting home wasn’t too difficult.

How often?

In regards to the taste of alcohol. I generally no longer drink alcohols if I do not like the inherant taste. I tend to be quite picky.

This originated mostly after I started smoking marijuana in my late teens, and early 20s. If given the right opportunity, I would return to smoking rather than drinking as my main leisure substance of choice, but due to moving so frequently, I have resisted the urge to take it back up. This is relevant due to the actual reliance on alcohol being diminished. As after this point I had a comparison for alcohol, if given the choice between the two I would choose marijuana. My brain retained that understanding. So when I drink now, I realise all the affects of drinking a ‘downer‘ substance over smoking an ‘upper‘ substance. I prefer my brain to work better when I am at leisure, not behave worse. Though I do understand the appeal. Marijuana as an upper does not wake you up, it just ‘ups’ your feelings. Downer means that it brings ‘down’ your feelings.

Alcohol in general is very difficult for me, due to my intelligence levels. I can have an incredibly deep, stimulating, intellectual conversation whilst being totally wasted, and then lean over and throw up mid conversation. My brain numbs like everyone elses, but it never numbs fully. Which can be a bonus, but also it doesnt really ‘work’ to make me fully relax. Whereas on marijuana, my brain just smooths. I feel good, I laugh more, I become more like myself I find. Less tied down by my expectations for myself, due to thinking about different kinds of things. Alcohol lowering your inhibitions, but Marijuana making you just think of different ways to go in your head. So the inhibitions also don’t apply. I obviously have 0 tolerance for marijuana again now, so I would get slaughtered off one joint. The few times I have just had ‘one joint’ since quitting, I have been stoned off one. Though in my prime, I was smoking about an ounce a week to myself as I was living with my dealer. Quite a long time ago now, it was around my 21st birthday.

When I do decide to drink, as it is the cultural norm to do so in a lot of countries, my alcohol tastes are very specific. I can sit and drink absolutely anything, but that is a far rarer occurance than ordering something incredibly specific that I want. So here a few examples of alcohols that I enjoy:

Types of Alcohol
Black Sambuca
2019-12-25 Siren Watcher - Black Sambuca - Alcohol
Italian brand sold in Australia. There are a lot of Sambuca brands, this is the one I like the best out of the ones I have tried. Say in comparison to Opal Nera which goes purple rather than blue when mixed with a lighter substance like lemonade. This picture was taken at my mum’s house at Christmas in 2019.
20201222 - Siren Watcher - Black Sambuca - Alcohol
I couldn’t get the Galliano brand in Germany, so I tried Antica. It isn’t as sweet as Galliano, but is also extremely nice.

I like licorice. Forgive me, I know 50% of the world hates it. For a long time I tried not to drink it around men actually, due to the idea that it might cuck me.

How to drink it Sambuca normally is with fire, and you are meant to capture the air in a cup and inhale it to get drunk faster.

—- filling —-

Red Wine


Sour Monkey

Pure Blonde

Blue Tongue

In Australia there is a huge variety of beer. This website citing Australian consumption is swayed at 46% Beer, 21.7% Spirits, and 31.8% Wine. So there must be enough variances to meet that demand. We have a large amount of imports, and a huge range of local breweries. Beer being the most common norm in Australia, and so at some point in everyones life in Australia you are set up to at least try some. For me it happened when living with a young policeman and ‘splitting a case’ (we would both pay half each for 24 beers) weekly, and so having to figure out what kind of beer I enjoyed the most.

I decided very strong beers (like VB) were not my favourite thing. Similar to all my other alcohols of choice, they may have a high percentage but they are not ‘stomach heavy’ alcohols. The two above mentioned beers are definitely lighter styles of beer. I am not a heavy beer drinker in that regard, though I found some of the lighter ones I actually really liked in comparison to other alcohols. I also don’t mind Malt beer.

Rarely, but Good
Future Tries





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