Any link is to a song I especially love from the artist.

Music Tastes

So mostly, I listen to rock. I am heavily influenced by Nu Metal (band examples), which encompassed my teenage years. So my tastes fall under ‘Hard Rock’ or ‘Heavy Metal’.

Though I am known to go more heavy with bands when they have high lyrical content (example playlist), when bands like these bring out a heavy lyrical track. I guess you could compare something like Slipknot’s Iowa album to later tracks like Vermilion or Snuff, or anything Corey makes under Stone Sour. Or certain tracks by Lacuna Coil. Though mostly in Death Metal music there is a stronger focus on the instruments, and the singers voice is in a higher octave of competition with the sound so I find I enjoy it less. I guess a good example might be to compare A Perfect Circle and Tool, and Slipknot and Stone Sour. Maynard sings for both the former, and Corey sings for both the latter. They are made up of arguably very similar people, yet the bands are totally different in content. In this regard I prefer A Perfect Circle and Stone Sour than their main, more maintream bands, due to the more lyrical focus under their side project.

I also, go more ‘hardcore’ with bands like New Medicine, All Time Low, Palaye Royale, and I guess The Pretty Reckless might fit that category.

Mostly I sit somewhere in between that though. Around Nu Metal or commonly titled, “heavy metal”, “hard rock”, or “progressive metal“, etc. Prior, this genre was known as more “rock” than “metal” I think, with bands like Cannibal Corpse and Rammstein considered Metal. So I teeter on both Rock and Metal in this regard. I sometimes take from column A and sometimes from B. Though Nu Metal I believe now is considered average metal, but when I was young this was not the case I think.

Say a playlist like this, would be considered normal listening for me.

There are a lot of sub-genres within Rock/Metal though… its hard to explain :).

Though I do like listening to mainstream, and have alt playlists when I’m feeling in a different mood. My two main playlists are Default Rock and Sex Songs. I have in the latter a mix of genres (though the main focus is rock/metal), though Default is my main music tastes. I listen to both very regularly. In terms of my mainstream music states, I was influenced a lot by artists like Eminem, P.Diddy, Ashanti and other R&B singers in my youth, so that is a strong part of my tastes also. I have three alternative playlists, Rahu, Classical Favs, Mixed Genres, Happy Hardcore Techno, and For remembering some people are smart.


My favourite rock band is Godsmack, and my favourite mainstream artist would be Rihanna. My favourite rapper would be Lupe Fiasco. My favourite metal band would be In This Moment.


I would like to talk about Sully Erna from Godsmack right now especially to explain something. These singers also sit on this spectrum; Scooter Ward from Cold, Corey Taylor from Stone Sour, Jake Scherer from New Medicine, Ryan McCombs from Soil, Maria Brink from In This Moment, Matt Walst from My Darkest Days, Shaun Morgan from Seether, Ed Sloan from Crossfade, and Fefe Dobson.

So Sully’s voice has been for a long time, my ‘optimal music voice’. You will see a theme from most of these bands, say comparing Scooter, Corey, Ryan, Shaun and Sully. That they all hit a very low ‘rumble’. Their voices are not deep neccessarily, but when they hit their low octaves, their voice ‘rolls’. Similar to my fascination with double kicks. There is a rolling rumble sound when one uses a double kick, like these men’s voices. I would argue that also Maria Brink’s voice rumbles, as does Fefe Dobson when they hit their low notes with a females voice in a different kind of style but the same ‘feel’.

To give an example, say this song when Sully says the word ‘line’. The voice seems to go both up and down at the same time when he says it. Or in this song ‘alive’, ‘awake’, ‘say’ and ‘you’. It is not inherantly the ring out of his voice, it is what his voice does when he holds a note for an extended period of time I believe. As not all voices holding a note affect me like Sullys.

Obviously the lyrical content in their songs makes my heart pump too. The songs content must coincide with the voice singing it for me to especially enjoy it, but I do notice a theme in artists when they make certain sounds with their voice regardless of genre. I would say for an alternative genre, that Lil Wayne’s voice also has a ‘crunch’ when he hits the low tones. Seen in this song when he says, ‘charisma’, ‘under’, ‘understand’, etc.

You will find that the music style I also prefer, has large highs and lows. Like the song softens then punches you with a beat. Say in this Rihanna song, after ‘twisted’ there is a sharper drop, whereas when she says ‘carriage’ there is not a drop it rings out. The phrase nee-eee-eed-ed me, has multiple drops in a singular word even though it appears to be connected. Or in this song, ‘I am’, ‘So I’, ‘I-Can’t-Feel’, ‘Time won’t change’. Or in this song, you can hear in the phrase “so I traveled back, down that road” that the lyrics and music seem to stop and start.

This in English is called a Glottal sound, and is very strongly used in the German language. My argument is that some musicians when singing, use a form of glottal or faux glottal, dropping tones lower whilst singing which I am attracted to. It’s the ‘drop’ itself, rather than whatever note they are singing in to begin with. Though the more sharp the drop, the more I find I pay attention to the song or person speaking, as if it ‘hits my interest’ level.

Women singers / bands I would say that I am a fan of

Fefe Dobson

Maria Brink (In This Moment)

Sky Ferreira

Hayley Kiyoko


Lzzy Hale (Halestorm)


Lauren Babic

Taylor Momsen (The Pretty Reckless)

Lacey Sturm (Flyleaf)


Some other Female artists that I tend to like the songs of

Selena Gomez, Billie Eilish, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Rita Ora, Bebe Rexha, Hailee Steinfeld, Nicki Minaj, Camila Cabello, Karmin, Cassie, Avril Lavigne, Demi Lovato, Dua Lipa, Jessie J, Keri Hilson, Skylar Grey, The Pussycat Dolls, Tove Lo, Carly Rae Jepsen, P!nk, Michelle Pfeiffer, Cher Lloyd, Hilary Duff, and Alanis Morissette.

Male singers / bands I would say that I am a fan of

Sully Erna (Godsmack)

Shaun Morgan (Seether)

Chad Kroeger (Nickelback)

Scooter Ward (Cold)

Corey Taylor (Stone Sour / Slipknot)

Jake Scherer (New Medicine)

Ryan McCombs (Soil)

Matt Walst (My Darkest Days)

Ed Sloan (Crossfade)

Josh Todd (Buckcherry)

Ivan Moody (Five Finger Death Punch)

Tommy Vext (Bad Wolves)

Enrique Iglesias

Some other Male artists that I tend to like the songs of

Bliss n Eso, All Time Low, Bullet for My Valentine, Papa Roach, Korn, Disturbed, System of a Down, Lupe Fiasco, Eminem, Mudvayne, Saving Abel, Nick Jonas, Trapt, OneRepublic, Ne-YoAvenged Sevenfold, Theory of a Deadman, Static-X, B.o.B, Lil Wayne, Skillet, Conor Maynard, Linkin Park, Imagine Dragons, HELLYEAH, Troye Sivan, Jason Derulo, Red, Saliva, Palaye Royale, Kevin Rudolf, Kid Cudi, Marilyn Manson, Skipknot, Mike Posner, Hinder, The Chainsmokers, Andy BlackShaggy, Ja Rule, Shawn Mendes, Trey Songz, ZAYN, Charlie Puth, P. Diddy, and Usher.

Instrumental artists I enjoy

Lindsey Stirling – Violin

Ryan Martinie (Mudvayne) – Bass

Claude Debussy – Composer

Franz Liszt – Composer

Motzart / George Nascimento – Composer / Pianist

“Rappers” / Rap Groups  would say that I am a fan of

Lupe Fiasco

Bliss n Eso


Immortal Technique

Mind Over Matter (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) (Pre-split. I like Willow, I met him at Occupy in Sydney. It’s really hard to find their stuff now unless your Spotify is set to Australia then you get at least 1 more album, but I liked the Free the Wolves album the best which I now can’t find anymore)

Hilltop Hoods

Lil Wayne


My favourite “Rap” Songs

  1. Make Them Believe by Black Magic ft. Johnny Utah
  2. Weightless Wings by Bliss n Eso
  3. Dumb It Down by Lupe Fiasco
  4. Dr. Aden by B.o.B
  5. 6 Foot 7 Foot by Lil Wayne ft Cory Gunz
  6. Spun a Web by Ja Rule
  7. The Hard Road by Hilltop Hoods
  8. The Cause of Death by Immortal Technique
  9. Living in this World by Guru, Sweet Sable
  10. Channeling by Robot Koch and John Robinson
  11. Grand Deception by K-Rino
  12. End of Days by Vinne Paz, Block McCloud
  13. I Need a Girl by P.Diddy, Usher, Loon
  14. Boys Like You by 360
  15. X Gon’ Give It To Ya by DMX
  16. Just a Dream by Nelly
  17. How To Love by Lil Wayne

I tend to like anything by Cash Money overall these days, like Nicki Minaj, etc. For a while I listened to quite a lot of Aussie Rap because I had a group of friends who loved it and I was the driver so… my car was used as a rap playbox for a while.

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