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Travelling Ryzen (2020)
Part List
Video for a small part


Sorry about the video’s orientation – when you download it (top right) your program should auto flip it.

In the images, disregard the fan cord at the bottom, I am awaiting splitters as I have 6 fans and only 3 ports and didn’t realise I was short, so that cord is only there temporarily. Will upload cord management for the back also then.

This is the PC I intend to take overseas with me again. Upgrading before I move. This upgrade was very overdue, and I had put it off whilst buying other things and surviving. Was trying to do some specific things on my PC recently and it just couldn’t handle it, CPU was overheating something fierce continuously when trying to multitask, so figured it was time for the upgrade. Needs to be able to support the VR I will be buying myself soon. At latest around xmas / birthday (my birthday is 5 days after xmas, so sometimes I lump shit into either xmas or bday).

Anything in this build not included in my prior builds are priced in € not $. You would have to convert the price yourself. Ie, 175€ not 175$ for the Ryzen.

Also be aware I had to buy these parts from German websites, so I discussed this build with a friend unlike the prior times which were soley me. Due to not being able to navigate the websites well due to my shitty German skills. Except for the first build when I fucked up plugging in the power switch cords for the chassis on the motherboard, and so my uncle came in to check my build and was able to infer the advice to double check that part.


In this build I used a Ryzen 5, which is now a nicer price. This is my first Ryzen and I waited a few years till the decent ones dropped down to a better price. I’m an old school AMD girl, so… I’ve been excited to see how they have been out-competing Intel in recent years.

The be quiet! was referred to me along with a noctua. I’d had noctua fans before and whilst I liked the fans, I couldn’t handle the mesh of colour inside the rig as I tend to like peering into my PC’s window occasionally.

There was discussion about the 450, 550 or X570. As to whether I would be upgrading sooner rather than later and whether the jump to the X570 was worth it. I decided by the time I get something which requires above a X570, I would just upgrade the board with the new CPU. There was a stronger tossup between the 550 or 450 but there wasn’t much point paying for a higher priced board if I was going to stick with this CPU for a while as both were compatible and I would need something above a X570 by upgrade time likely. Bought the Aorus specifically cause my housemate teased the shit out of me about it. Cause usually I buy Asrock, all the recent shitty news about MSI meant wasn’t buying their products, and so there was only a few brands. There was the ‘it’s the fucking best’ and was practically the same price as the Asrock so decided to just go with it. Happy I did because the rgb on the board looks amazing.

I decided to keep my 1060, as it’s functioning fine, I may get a 3000 series for my next upgrade.

When traveling from Australia to China about 3 years ago the PC arrived fine. When repacking my bags and trying to squish everything in, I cracked my PC window. So… the case needed an upgrade for quite some time. Also the be quiet! was also too large for the prior Carbide Spec-4 case. I got the 275R because Corsair fixed all the problems it had, it was a good price, and I liked the look of it being unique with still airflow in the front. No yellow though this time which is a bit sad, but very hard to get a nice yellow case, not much you can do about that. The nice cutouts at the front of the Carbide is nice though, I did consider the Kolink VOID tower, cause its a motherfucking triangle at the front :3. Was like :POGGIES: when I saw it. But of course, I don’t know Kolink well and it hasn’t got great cooling at the front due to the structure of the triangle. Was sad, lol. The 275R is still quite nice though so I’m overall pleased. I liked the caseking sent me candy in the box as well, I love sour worms :3.

Ram upgrade ofc, to go with the motherboard and cpu.

I will have to buy a new yellow fan for the front due to the clash of yellow (x2) / blue (x1, it used to be at the back) and now red with the board. So internally the PC will be RGB yellow and red.

Bought the monitor, ereader, headset and keyboard a while back. Tried out the Wooting, but I’m going to have to change again because I need silent Cherry keys. The rings didn’t work and my keyboard is too close to my microphone for work, so I need some quieter keys but don’t want to give up mechanical niceness. Hard to find a nice keyboard + the silent range of Cherry keys…

Considered buying new slot-in-SSDs to the motherboard, but decided against it. Will likely buy them in the next build though.

The issue with the monitor is that because I move realitively frequently, shipping an amount of monitors or flying with them in luggage, is risky and they take up a lot of room. I will leave this monitor with my housemate in Germany, and likely buy some new ones once I move again. I am not entirely sure how I am going to deal with the monitor issue in the future as constantly buying new monitors which are a decent quality isn’t very feasible. Buying shit ones is fine, but as I go up in quality, it becomes more of a chore, especially as I can no longer deal with having one monitor.


Bought a Asus B450M-A Prime Gaming, due to prior Gigabyte B450 AORUS ELITE ATX AM4 malfunctioning. It malfuctioned. Pretty common error for it to have from what I was reading, but might have happened during travel. Ie, when I got to Brazil I put it in a converter for a day and it might have short circuited the board. Had same problem as these guys:

PC would just shut itself off randomly. Memory Light on the Board would turn on, upon restart the CPU light would be on. Sometimes would boot back on after just switching off the power supply, then power board, then repeat. But sometimes it would take 10 mins walking away and coming back, sometimes would take 40-50 turn on and offs to properly glitch on. Wasn’t great feeling. Wasn’t related to anything I was doing, I wasn’t surging the memory. On a few occassions I put on temperature tracking and had it in the background and when tabbing over it was never an issue. So, no idea the original cause. Though when I was in germany it did flicker when it would turn on. Like it would short curcuit a little. Didn’t think too much of it cause everything was flowing smoothly. Possibly it was defected as soon as I bought it but took time to decline. No idea.

I tossed up between a Asus B450M-A and a Asus B450M-Plus. Decided on the A due to knowing I’d upgrade to a higher Ryzen probably in a year or two and there was no difference in specs based on what I needed. Also it was cheaper, obviously, being a mATX board.

Yellow Mid Box (2018)
Part List

… (section to be completed) …

Red mATX (2017)
Part List

I read up a lot about AMD’s performances with gaming for this build. I read a ton about if it was ‘do-able’ for things like WoW. The FX generation ran WoW fine, so I bought myself one as an upgrade from the prior CPU.

I wanted Ultra graphics for WoW on it… I nearly purchased a AMD Athlon X4 860K Kaveri. Though I found and satiated my gaming with a AMD FX-8320 and ASRock 970M PRO3 mATX. Luckily around the time of when I wanted to upgrade, the specs for Warcraft Legion were released, so I bought an FX that was higher than the optimum for Warcraft. I got the ASRock cause I have a windowed case, and the beautiful Motherboard is a slick black :). I purchased the specific FX because it was a competitive price for a newish FX :). FX 6300 being the minimum for optimal, so 8320 is strong. The new 9series range needed upscaled cooling people argued.

For mouse I changed from a Razer Naga Classic, when it broke and actually looked up hand size ratios for mice. Tried the Logitech G300s, then stuck with the Lava Wolf. Small hands mate. Lava Wolf is very sexy.

I upgraded to a mATX cause at the time believed a little bit bigger size would be still able to fit in luggage nicely. I bought an ITX case, and built originally an ITX rig. I got to the point when I wanted to upgrade my CPU and realised that AMD-FX ITX motherboards really didn’t exist at all -.-. Sooo… I bought the bigger case. Tbh, this was the case I had intended to buy originally that I fell in love with. Though the ITX was smaller, so I purchased it for the travel reasons. The Bitfenix was the one that started off the love-affair with red chassis’, so overall it worked out well :).

In the ITX I originally had a Noctua NH-L9a 57.5. Then building the mATX i realised it might not be strong enough for the FX. So I just put in the stock fan. It drove me insane. It was making this fucking rattling noise. It doesn’t all the time, just fucking like once an hour. Apply some pressure and it stops -.-. Took it out, clipped it back in, still noise. Its not like you can tighten a clip -.-. Rofl. I looked, and it is reaching 60degree temperates, so… Cooler Master Hyper 212X was the solution. I got mad as fuck installing this Fan. My brain = totally logical, these instructions were written for morons. No fucking intro page, AMD not cited to have a different set of notes. Sigh, I got super mad. Steaming internally. And… now my computer is heavy af. The fan itself isnt heavy, but I just realised… that its now accumulated to become heavy. This mATX. *pats it*, sigh of luggage weight.

After watching a fucking video on how to install this months later… because my computer was fucking temp’ing hard. Was between 60-70 degrees just after being turned on :(. AMD stating that is max, probs not should be just stable speed without WoW playing or whatever. And, another video about the direction of the internal fans. Like top is meant to blow out, and bottom is meant to draw in, because heat rises. Etc. So, I refucked around with all the fans. And its now back down to 30 degrees. Thank fuck.

Why not intel

I grew up on Celerons just fine. I just am not as big of a fan of Intel and I tend to just sway towards AMD. I think its down to two reasons, 1: Intel are blue, AMD is red :P. 2: Intel make a shitload of ads, i’m not a fan of ads. I love researching all things. I dislike being told what to buy, or do at all generally unless its filled with genuine information. 3: Intel are huge, AMD are the ‘underdogs’. 4: AMD are cheaper, Intel seems to be more expensive with a much less competitive gap nowadays. There is debates to which is harder to run, and as to whether AMD is as competitive. But currently, FX is pretty competitive, and it takes about as much cooling as high end Intel, so there is no difference for me in terms of played ability. But I get it. If you’ve not read any info in the past few years, or if your reading just shit by Intel-pro people, I can understand how you might not know 🙂 [this was written pre-ryzen].

Red ITX (2017)
Part List

I built an mATX/ITX Gaming rig. Took me ages and I fucking loved the experience. Learnt a shitload. I wanted to buy, build and learn parts myself, because my computer is such a huge part of my life.

My reason for an mATX/ITX build was for travel reasons, I move a lot. Which is why for quite a few years, I just ran a laptop or/and used university computers. Even though I’d had personal desktops in my youth. Computers were always a stable part of my diet. I did IPT (information processes and technology – computers) as an elective at high school for my end-of-school certificate.

I built this PC under the preconceived notion that I would be taking it in luggage, so was trying to keep it small. Plus I am small, so I tend to like small things too. Or absolutely crazy things in the opposite way like elephants, dinosaurs and trucks. But when I buy something for myself, it tends to be ‘size proportional’ to myself.

Red was always my favourite colour growing up. Red / Purple walls in my teenager room, red car for 8 years, generally an array of black clothing with a trusty red singlet to break up the colour, lol. So when building my PC I went with what I knew in terms of colour. Specifically looking for cases which came in a colour I liked rather than just Black or White.

The trusty SSD I bought for this build I am still using to this day, its worked nicely. As most of my saves are located on cloud storage which is synced to my PC. I have a 2TB online drive ‘for life’ that I bought years ago. So the 480gb has served me really well for domestic storage of games and OS.

This 750 Ti was the first Graphics Card I had ever bought. As when I was younger, making PC’s with my Uncle I had not ever used a GPU that wasn’t inbuilt graphics.

Originally purchased a AMD A4-7300 CPU and ASRock FM2A88X-ITX+ Motherboard, equivalent to an i3 i guess according to benchmarks. I bought it cause it was cheap, and it played warcraft on Good with about 60 fps. When an area is packed, I had to drop it down but anyway.

Chair Story

I have had hunching problems for a long time in my life and as I got into my mid 20s I realised that it had to be fixed.

I spent about a year being cognitive about sitting up straight, each time I sat down. Highly altering my back to be much more vertical, rofl. It worked wonders. But, I was aware that for some reason it was still, even with habitual change, was still trying to revert back to slouching. If that makes sense? I shouldn’t have, my body should have adjusted, but there was some underlying cause for the behaviour and so, even though I was still thoughtful about trying to sit up straight, I realised that there was some causality. That my body was ‘weakening’ after only a few hours of sitting, and it was unsettling but a great realisation.

In my youth, I just thought that I was subconsciously trying to be a gangster XD. Trying to slouch in my car and drive around like a gangster or whatever. Rofl.

So over a long few years of research, I finally stumbled on some articles, and the study referenced by all of them, and specifications about height and chairs. I purchased an expensive Aeron chair because it is one of only a few chairs in the world which support people around 5 foot tall and over 6 foot tall :). Most regular chairs are not made for between 5-30% of people :).

When I first read the study and references to it, I pondered it in an analytic sense. I’m a logical thinker. Then, literally a week or so later, I actually observed myself doing this activity a few times. See, the articles/study claim that the reason I was getting back pain and slouching was because my feet were not touching the floor. This fascinated me, I’d never considered that at all! I was focusing on my back and not other areas of my body :). Mindlessly I put the information into the back of my head, along with other research subjects, especially because all petite chairs are extraordinarily expensive… Though it became clear to me, after a few weeks/months, that observing my own behaviour had proved the study extremely valid. My behavioural practice was that I would slide my bum forward on a chair until my feet touched the floor. Then id stop moving around, inciting that my body was indeed focusing on this as its intended purpose. This made my back curve awkwardly on seats and not sit my back alongside the chair’s back. The reason the human body needs to place its feet on the floor is tho make the body stable and grounded. My mother (after spending hours listening to me infer and explain that the need for the chair verses price cost was totally worth, and that I was excitedly altering my health) noted to me a week later that she had sat in a position where her feet were dangling for a period of time and she had noticed that her calves were in pain. At this point of course, that information fell into place. See, my whole body would be awake, I wouldnt be tired, but my lower legs would be on fire with pain. I had noted in the last few years. I even had purchased a creme for it. I was of the notion prior to this, that my legs were possibly the only area of my body which were warning me of my tiredness or something. And using them as a marker for when I should sleep because the pain would be unbearable. Awesome to know that it was because I wasnt placing them on the ground because the chairs were tall. I recall sitting in a cafe drinking rooibos tea. And it being one of the times I noticed that I was sliding forward on the chair. I had maneuvered myself subconsciously into sitting in a weird diagonal position so that my feet would properly touch the floor. To put it into perspective, on most chairs my feet rest casually on my tippy-toes -.-.

So, all chairs are too tall for me yeah. If you type in the dimension specifications 5’1 that I need from here, height, you will find that the only chairs available at that height for purchase on the internet are children’s classroom chairs. Wooden chairs, of a large range and to buy in bulk. Rofl. Not something you would ergonomically sit on for 13 hours a day, rofl.

So, I did a shitload of research on the chairs. There was a few resources for petite chairs, but;

> Half of them don’t ship to aus or have a local distributor.

> Most of the resources had american prices, so once I did the exchange rates it was :-O.

> I worked out that all the chairs were working out to be the roughly same price. The smaller brands, would have large shipping prices anyway, and after conversion rates also.

> So, the big brands and smaller brands had the same price comparisons. So, I started looking into reviews and such. And totally fell fucking in love with the Aeron.

See, I have this problem, in cars, on chairs, etc… where my elbow is much lower than the “resting” area. Or not high enough :). Armrests are one of the banes of my existence, rofl. But I love to “look like I’m chill as fuck all casual with laying on armrests”. So, the Aeron has armrests that go up-and-down. And in and out to add ease getting out of the chair :). I O.O in excitement when I saw this guy doing it. Rofl. He also showed some images of NASA using the Aeron chairs and the rapper Drake using them in his recording studio.

After more research realising that Herman Miller, the company that make the Aeron, is widely considered one of the most famous chair companies in the world :). The Aeron was actually designed in 1996, has a ten or twelve year warranty, etc. About this time I realised that the study I had found, was also done by them. So that kind of sealed it. The study had impacted me greatly, had made me put two-and-two together, and given me a great load of knowledge. Knowledge is something I rate most highly and it one of the things I consider worth incentive. For example, I have only ever really dated men who I consider to be able to teach me something. Regardless of what the information is doesn’t matter, just any form of passionate knowledge acquisition that a person imbues upon others I sincerely enjoy sitting and absorbing. So, even though I researched many many things, over many many years, I realised that this one study, referenced by a large range of articles, actually had changed my life. Especially in retrospect. As I was explaining to my extended family. Spending a chunk of money now, to save me having to spend hundreds-of-thousands on hospital surgery later to fix a problem which I could have fixed now. That perspective was something extremely beautiful to me.

So the chair = cure for my ills :). Expensive… = worth. When I took my mother and her partner to see it at one of the small handful of shops australia-wide that imports them, there was such an elation. Just sitting in one for just a minute or so was enough to make me want to cry/orgasm in joy :).

So, I paid for the chair in installments. Love it immensely.

Definitely also enjoying its three posture positions.

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