Some images of my history in Warframe


When I first started:



Second doggo I bred. She has rare Phorid Red on her legs.

Sahasa Kubrow – Diglet

First dog I ever bred. He has rare Anyo Grey.

Raksa Kubrow – Ripper

My CC dog. Has double rare Sargas Brown.

Huras Kubrow – Sniper

My stealth dog. Triple rare colours, rare fur pattern, has a Skinny build which I think is appropriate for a stealth dog.

Adarza Kavat – Bones

Those are his real colours. Triple gold and pink belly.
That 108% crit 😛

Smeeta Kavat – Sabelzahn

I bred her to have the little ears and leaf tail like this. She has yellow energy colour.


Some funny screenshots:

Worst RNG lol
Why thou
When you accidently draw a heart 🙂
Thank god that RNG was brutal
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