Some images of my history in World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft


These were my characters on my EU account:

These were my other characters:

I was highly addictive to names by the way. I would sit there for hours trying to get names that were “available” that were short. Also trying to get names available on both my main realms (for Horde and Alliance). Swatch was always my main name, but I also used the name Filly as my main for a while. I was especially proud of the name Tame for my Hunter, and Buy for my sellers.

I would race change quite a bit. Though eventually I always found a toon I “settled on” the look and feel of. As some examples;

Undead male Monk made me super happy and had nice animations, like a “dirty healer”, mix of being undead and a mistweaver. Female Goblin surrounded by Warlock pet spawns. Male Troll as Shaman leaning into his hard hitting abilities I liked and made them feel powerful when he would cast as ele. My tauren male druid I later went Highmountain with, for flag carrying for the uninterruptable dash bull rush, eventually I just decided I had to be male on my main. I liked orc for hunter because of the pet size (also racial) was large, it surprised me when I went goblin and pandaren that your pets were smaller. Warrior as Pandaren female because your tail flings around when your hitting things which is awesome to watch, etc.

Showing some character names, this is from Tarren Mill my main EU server:

These are from my Alliance EU server.

My two main toons on alliance were Cluck (mistweaver monk) and Boundary (elemental shaman).

These are my characters from my Oceanic US server.

An example of what names I got on Tarren Mill on day 1 of playing:

I also made a bunch of characters on Illidan US when I went back to the game for a month to meet up with a sexy male:

This was my first ever character.


This was my second character.

I used the free character boost from WoD to make her. I made a point of not boosting anything till I had gotten max level on my first character. I had no idea how to play hunter during those 10 levels you had to level. I greatly appreciated that I had leveled my first character to max level and realised how hard it was to grasp a new class as a total noob at the game without ever playing it.


This was my first ever horde toon.

I later resurrected her, after originally deleting her to make room for my all my alts and chose to leave her in her original form when I stopped playing her.

When I first race changed my Druid.


My main throughout most of my play was my Druid.

My other two most common played classes were Shaman and Monk, with Shaman technically being my main for a period of time.

I prefered to play Guardian in PvE, and Feral in PvP.

Some Transmogs

With most races I had a specific look I preferred and would just create the same look over and over on different servers. I didn’t really like changing anything about a character once I was happy with it.

For example, this is my undead male. Everytime had green hair mohawk, and yellowy skin. Though it took me a little while to work out that I liked the iron jaw to be even more edgy, but this was generally always covered by a monk bandana anyway.

Eye Example

In the following you will generally see a dominant colour theme of red, orange, yellow and black.

Generally, mohawks or long hair. Also a lot of thick thigh pants, and plate-style leather boots. Alongside that a theme of “cuts on eyes” is also something I enjoy.

A few examples of some toon transmogs:

These were the three mounts I used the most.


I used to make WeakAuras for the game. Though my WA account is now deleted on, you can see the gifs I made for my WAs on giphy. These are a few examples:

I have pandemic reminders and numbers for stacks:

In this icon the 3 above is “3 stacks”, yellow meant it was applied, shining meant the buff was about to fall off and you needed to reapply to keep the stacks. Plain icon meant it was off the target. Sometimes I had icons also change colour if you didnt have enough rage / energy / mana for a spell.

I also had things that rolled multiple spells into the same icon. In this example this is 3 fire mage spells / passives in one that you need for proc’ing Hot Streak on the fire mage I was leveling.

I also had things like buffs for reapplying CC across multiple classes:

Or specific buffs for classes:

Little things like remembering to take off the Guild transport cloak or to apply pots or stacks left on healthstones:

I had somewhat of an obsession with creating nice health bars with latency:

Some Achievements


I happily got Tarecgosa’s Rest and farmed it myself. It was my first legendary and I was super happy. I wanted to be a dragon. It was actually really hard for me… as a noob. Someone showed my the dragon form when I was leveling and I wanted it, so when I got to max level without gearing I decided to go do it. As a scrub it was difficult and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Shannox‘s dogs took me forever to work out how to manage.



I was doing this in WoD rather than MoP, though this I still found difficult. It was one of the first times, or the very first, in which I learnt how to kite.


Proving Grounds

This for me was incredibly important. However stupid it might sound. I was self conscious at the time at liking and wanting to tank. I loved protecting people and tanking.

This was the first time I remember feeling that “maybe my decision was okay”. Like this was something I could say that I wasn’t a total scrub.

I think I got this not too long after reaching max level I think and getting some gear. As I started in WoD and I did it from within the garrison.

Mage Tower

Tank - Guardian Druid
Ranged - Elemental Shaman
Melee - Feral Druid
Healer - Restoration Shaman

I had a lot of sadkek moments like this…

I wrote a guide for phase 1 in the tanking mage tower, that got put on the front page of Wowhead for how to mitigate things and what the fight was meant to be testing / teaching you. For example, interrupt timers, movement with the eyes, etc. Little things like that and how to mitigate a lot of problems. But I just didn’t have the gear to progress at the time. I didn’t raid so I was using absolutely atrocious gear.

It actually devistated me at the time and really did a lot to make me… ummm… to explain.

Blizzard made this “player skill” situation, also be gear based because they knew it would give players an ability to outgear it. Therefore giving more players access to the content, but making the rewards actually redundant for showing competency. So instead of it being based of skill, it was majorly defined also by gear. You couldn’t be horrible, skill helped, but a lot of it was gear dependant. Though that wasn’t known on its release.

Some of them were nearly entirely legendary based. You couldn’t complete them full stop if you didn’t have 1 or a few select legendaries. The Guardian tower was actually broken at launch and you could Bash the mob to stop him putting poison on the ground so a lot of people cheesed, but I didn’t. After I realised it was gear based, a part of me was even more triggered at the situation that I could have cheesed cause it wasn’t a pure skill based exercise anyway.

You had moments like this where you were begging for leggo drops to make you in any way competitive for it. The fact Blizzard put in such a mixed bag of RNG leggos made it a ton worst for so many players.

I spent the first three days, feeling like I lived in there and wondering if I was shit, before it came out that it was gear based. Shattered me and a part of my love for the game. I didn’t even care about the forms, I just wanted to know whether I was a good player or not. Wowhead putting my guide on the front page for Guardian Druid made me feel better… but I was still feeling dogshit about the situation.

I won’t get into how Agatha was a decent Mage Tower but the Tank challenge was atrocious in my opinion. I did Agatha both on Ele Shaman and Feral Druid in a reasonable time, and obviously also did it for Guardian Druid. Though I was just… it wasn’t being able to do it or not. It was not being able to “test my skill” when it released. I was testing my gear and I hated that. In my opinion it should have 100% been scaled. Then later released a content patch that made it gear based if Blizzard wanted more people to access the skins.

The issue is that I was starting to understand a lot of the top players no longer played the game. As an example, the grind of Legion pushed a huge portion of modern-people out of the game due to the overabundant grind, that continued on in BfA. Most people with a job couldn’t actually manage the time dump and keep up with their life.

It was a silly kind of level of grind to raid competitively which top players want to do. So a lot of the top 10% of players were affected I think. The middle of the pack people who didn’t need the Artifact Power because they werent raiding high level weren’t affected at all. But there was a trickle down affect. I started the game at the end of WoD, so I started the game post-cata and post player base changes.

I was hoping the games ceiling was worth it. This was one of the first personal events which happened to me, where I found that the ceiling wasn’t actually there. I was proud of the people who got it, but there was also another side of me that couldn’t grats them as I knew it was hugely based on the gear they had at being mythic raiders when it dropped. Very few players had the gear at the time.

This made me feel I couldn’t congraduate them for being good players. So… how would I know what men were good or bad at the game? There was no “dominance heirarchy” in terms of skill unless you were in the very, very top and you were a public player (such as in a top raiding guild that was raiding publicly on streams). It was impossible to know all the guilds.

Also, that it was possible the game would never let me “prove my skill”. Like I had felt doing the silly proving grounds tank challenge. There may possibly be no more “up” from that in terms of what Blizzard was putting in as a ceiling.

You can pay for a mythic carry. So looking at anyone with Mythic gear I couldn’t know whether they had skill or had paid. You can get every hard to acquire gear after the expansion had passed. Everything would be achieved over time. It’s complicated and was just something I was analysing in my feelings and the overall game in those few months when the Mage Tower was released.

This is important for women in any situation if you understand psychology in terms of… well it’s important for all people. If you feel you will never, ever get promoted, your likely to find a company where you think there is a 1% chance. If there is no “top men” in an environment, women are subconsciously more inclined to go to an environment where they may have a 1% of meeting a man who has some kind of high skill in something which other men respect.

Blizzard can’t offer you more female friends. The game isn’t built to be able to “spotto” like that. So being able to distinguish between men is even more important in subconscious psychology for survival. Trying to explain the sea of confusion that happened to me at the time and getting hit by the things in the game I was trying to ignore is hard to explain. Hope that explained it a bit though :hugs:.



I loved flag carrying. I got really got at intuitively knowing where everyone was and being totally evasive.

I was Highmountain Tauren by the end, so I had 4 speed boosts. Similarly I would have picked Worgen for alliance for the extra speed boost for flag carrying.

I loved it, I could just cross through everyone instantly, powering through.

Random screenshots

This is one of the most expensive battle pets in the game.
I loved this flappy fish. It reminded me of a dick, it had fantastic wobble physics.

Pet Battling

I used to leave random alts all around the world at trainers.
I used to use these to level alts and pets passively.
It was useful for my alliance toons.
This was a great moment for me.

Hunter Pets

At some point Warcraft changed pets to have set spells and roles.

Ferocity [Leech + Lust] / Tenacity [Health + Defensive] / Cunning [Speed + Freedom].

Within those three locked specialisations for pets, their was 4 abilities, Purge, Slow, Heal Debuff and Defensive. So I chose 12 different kinds of pets incase I needed any.

For example, a Purge pet was useful in Mythic+, but maybe you prefered it to give you Leech or a Defensive depending on the dungeon as an example of why you may need a variety.

Socio, my Hyena, was my favourite pet. I like Hyenas.

Hyena - Heal Debuff
Direhorn - Heal Debuff
- Heal Debuff
Scorpid - Slow
Crab - Slow
Bird of Prey - Slow
Scalehide - Defensive
Feathermane - Defensive
- Defensive (BfA Skin)
Bat - Purge
Stag - Purge
Moth - Purge
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