Hibiscus Tea

Hibiscus is a main component in “red tea”, of the fruity-red kind. Think of like “thick-red” tasting. Its a really strong bright red coloured tea.


Dandelion Root Tea

Dandelion can be a “coffee substitute” which has no caffeine. Ie, is made into a coffee look-and-kinda-taste. In Australia I used to get it granulated, meaning that it just melted into the hot water. It is different to coffee, but close enough in texture that your taste buds are like “oh ok” and get a form of similar hit in terms of dark-thick-filling taste. I think I actually prefer it to coffee personally.


Chrysanthemum Tea

A common flower used for a lot of stuff in China. The tea I ended up buying at one of the airports (the cheapest tea on the list, I ofc couldn’t read it) was Chrysanthemum in flower form, was nice as fuck. Quite similar to Dandelion tea, but it is the white variant rather than yellow.


Green Tea

I like a lot of varieties of green tea, but mostly, anything heavily Chinese is my preferred. When I went to Sushi places in Australia, I got excited when I realised they had green tea. Just because the traditional tea leaf tea is superior to the bagged stuff you generally get from the mainstream store varieties in Western countries in taste. Its more “full” tasting I find.

I bought 6 types of teas in China from stores. I can’t read the containers in the stores… so I just try them.

Top Maofeng [it’s green tea]: When I was in Chengdu I bought Top Maofeng from a festival… it was fucking divine. I finished it XD.

Zhong Guo Hong Cha [it’s black tea]

Moli Huacha [it’s jasmine tea]: Be aware, I’m not a fan of jasmine tea… lol. Tastes alright but. Not a fan of Jasmine or Camomile or etc.

Longjing Cha [it’s green tea]: I don’t think mine is too luxurious as I bought it from a corner store, but it was indeed more expensive than the others. Also well liked in the UK.

Longyun Early Spring [it’s green tea]: I just bought some Early Spring Green Tea… is identical in look to the former link but the packet says its from Longyan.

Bi Luo Chun [it’s green tea]: Top Maofeng and Bi Luo Chun have been my favourites so far.

Gao Ji Lv Chao < TBA Link.


Rooibos Tea

This is a fan favourite of mine, and I tend to always have some around. It’s traditional African tea. Called “red tea”, ie red in colour but different to hibiscus in taste in the inference that its more like black tea than fruit tea.


White Tea

For a while there was a brand in Australia that sold “white tea + pomegranate” at the Supermarket that I worked at. I loved it. It had a white tiger on it if I recall. I like pomegranate… and the white tea from what I understand is a “highly profitable tea” to consume in terms of its chemical composition. Its been a long time since I’ve drunk it “on the regular” but I love it as a form of tea. “Lighter than green tea” would be how I would describe it in taste.


I have been trying for years to try and perfect a way to make this myself in parts. As Chai is “a mixture of ingredients”… so say with Hibiscus tea. I worked out in the red fruity tea, it was that ingredient that was what I “liked most from the tea” so I just bought a kilo of Hibiscus, Kappa.

With Chai this is a little more difficult. I had the ingredients in a few little tins for a while… but eh… I’ll work it out one day. So Chai ingredients are cinnamon, cloves, black tea and ginger < are the main four I “believe”. Examples from T2.

I adore Chai… Indians BiS.

Flavours I like












I Don’t Drink

So Black Tea is a little hard for me to talk about. I can drink black tea on the “short” end. But I try and avoid caffeine in my body, black tea is thick in caffeine so it makes my body react badly. I literally can’t drink a few cups of it before it negatively affects me. Honestly, I’m not even fond of one cup anymore, but if I ask for tea and that’s what I get, then I drink it. I don’t drink a lot of soft drinks for the same reason.

You will find in the west a lot of women who have had children avoid caffeine or anyone who has had cancer or etc. I neither have had children or cancer, though my body reacts in a sense, as if I had in the case of caffeine, and has since I was born :).


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